About Us

Eric: Eric's entrepreneurial and business spirit has been present since his adolescence when he began working for the industrial engineering firm Instrumart. His interest grew with internships in college within the real estate, financial service, and digital media industries. Eric's roles for Boston Landlord Reviews include business development, advertising, marketing, and human resources. He graduated from Boston University with a degree in Economics and a minor in Statistics. Besides his business, Eric also is a realtor in Boston. In his spare time, Eric enjoys traveling, volunteering, and researching future business endeavors to pursue.

Todd: Todd started his entrepreneurial career developing several small ebay companies focused on distributing Apple products. Since then his thirst for business solutions has continued. Todd graduated from Boston University's School of Management with a concentration in Finance. While attending school he lived under an oppressive landlord for several years and a new idea had sparked. After graduating in May, 2011 Todd developed the Company, Boston Landlord Reviews with Eric. Todd is building relationships with real estate companies throughout Boston and furthering the scope of Boston Landlord Reviews. Todd subsequently works as an agent in Boston.