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Alpha Management; Slumlord's of Boston

Tenants from a Malden apartment complex are outraged as Alpha Management has enforced rent hikes of up to 50%. Alpha purchased the property and promptly notified the tenants of the rent hike, leaving tenants with a "pay up or get out" message. The tenants here are a multinational, working-class community, many of whom are seniors who have lived in their units for 15 years or more. Most of the tenants cannot afford either the rent increases or the re-location costs.

“This is my home,’’ she said. “That is the component here that I think they don't get. It's a very uncertain time. Everyone's stressed.’’ -From an elderly women who lives in a studio apartment with a rent increasing from $650 to $950 starting June 1st.

Alpha Real Estate is notorious for renting substandard, high-rent apartments to thousands of college students in Boston, and recently one of its properties was condemned by the Boston Public Health Department.

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