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Dog Friendly Apartments

Dog Friendly Apartments

For those of you with a four legged best friend, I'm sure you know how difficult it can be to find a nice, pet friendly apartment in Boston. Curbed Boston has given a great list of Dog friendly apartment complexes in the area.




Great map! Created by Jeff Kaufman, Google programer in Cambridge. Allows people to view what rentals cost on a per bedroom basis. 



As apartments start to hit the market for 2013 several trends in pricing are starting to appear. If you're looking to save money, FIND A ROOMMATE...or two, or suck it up and split a room with your significant other. 

The savings from splitting a 2 bed compared to getting your own studio or 1-bed apartment is huge. Not only are you at the highest price per square foot mark, you're also paying all the utilities on your own. The same can be said if you're willing to get a 3-bed apartment. At around $750-850 a bed ...

Alpha Management; Slumlord's of Boston

Tenants from a Malden apartment complex are outraged as Alpha Management has enforced rent hikes of up to 50%. Alpha purchased the property and promptly notified the tenants of the rent hike, leaving tenants with a "pay up or get out" message. The tenants here are a multinational, working-class community, many of whom are seniors who have lived in their units for 15 years or more. Most of the tenants cannot afford either the rent increases or the re-location costs.

“This is my home,’’ she said. “That is the component here that I think they don't get. It's ...

Key Tips in a tight Boston Market

1. Boston rents are now at all time highs – Downtown Boston averages around $3000 a month.

2. Vacancy rates in Boston are the 2nd lowest in the country at 4%, just behind San Francisco's 3.7%

3. Start your Boston apartment search early – about 3-4 months ahead of your move-in date. If you're a college student looking for a Sept 1st move-in close to campus, start looking around January to get the best deals. 

4. After doing some research, be ready to Act Fast when the right apartment hits the market. The good ones don’t last long ...

New law may improve Boston apartment conditions


A Boston.com article

Living green and in luxury...in Allston?


Demand goes up, Rent goes up

Experts say the difficulty in obtaining home mortgages, a surging economy, a limited supply of apartments and a vacancy rate rivaling that of NYC and San Francisco are contributing factors forcing rents higher then ever. While more than 1,000 apartments are under construction in Allston, The Back Bay, Somerville and the Hub’s Seaport District, the addition is still a long way from alleviating the increasing rental prices.

Some facts from Rent Jungle:  Average rent in Greater Boston 2012; up 3.2%. In South Boston and Somerville; up 20%. In The Back Bay and North End; up 15%.

If ...

Get that security deposit back!!

Make sure you're getting your security deposit back this month, they have 30 days to do so from move-out date. If there is any amount deducted, demand that your landlord provide you with an itemized list of what your security deposit was used for.

More Info: http://www.massrealestatelawblog.com/2009/08/05/massachusetts-security-deposit-law/

Why is it a landlord's rental market?

Some people say it's due to the population of renters that would normally step into home ownership are opting to renew their leases. Be it that we are slowly coming out of a recession and the job market hasn't fully bounced back to offer high enough salaries or that availability to buy is low because people thinking of selling their homes are waiting for home values to go back up. No matter the cause, it's effecting those looking to rent for the first time with limited options and income. 

Landlords know the availability is low and the ...